Jacobson Pharma Adds Excilor (「恢甲清」) to Its Portfolio to Develop China Market with Vemedia (The Netherlands)

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 5 November 2019 - Jacobson Pharma Corporation Limited ("Jacobson Pharma" or the  "Company"; Stock Code: 2633), a leading company engaged in research, development, production, marketing and sale of generic drugs and proprietary medicines, announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary Jacobson Medical (Hong Kong) Limited ("Jacobson") has signed an exclusive distribution agreement  (the "Agreement") with Vemedia Shine Limited ("Vemedia") (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Versailles B.V., a company incorporated in the Netherlands) for the marketing and distribution of  "Excilor" (「恢甲清」) range of products  in the market of Mainland China.


Photo for product(s) of Excilor being currently sold in Hong Kong. Excilor (「恢甲清」) is a leading over-the-counter brand in Hong Kong for nail and foot care

Jacobson will be the exclusive distributor for Vemedia for the marketing, sales and distribution of Vemedia's highly recognised medicated nail and foot care brand, namely "Excilor"「恢甲清」, in the China market for a term of ten years.


Mr. Derek Sum, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Jacobson Pharma remarked, "The strategic collaboration represents a sound leverage of strengths and resources between Jacobson and Vemedia. By riding on its established market network, Jacobson Pharma aims to build a strong position for the Excilor brand whilst tapping the fast-growing nail and foot care market in China.  It is one of our strategic goals to maximize the value and market potential of the Excilor brand and create synergies with Vemedia via a sustainable collaboration."


The appointment of Jacobson as the exclusive distributor of Excilor in the Mainland China will enhance the product portfolio of Jacobson Pharma and further strengthen its market position in capitalizing on the rising consumer demand for branded healthcare products in the burgeoning market of China.


Jacobson Pharma has been forging strategic collaborations with various business partners. A case in point is the recently-formed joint venture alliance with Weisen-U (「胃仙-U」) and Flucur Nebuliser (「呼佳噴霧劑」). The Group currently possesses a portfolio of proprietary healthcare brands such as Po Chai Pills (「保濟丸」), Ho Chai Kung Tji Thung San (「何濟公止痛退熱散」), Contractubex Scar Gel (「秀碧除疤膏」), Flying Eagle Wood Lok Medicated Oil (「飛鷹活絡油」), Tong Tai Chung Woodlok Oil (「唐太宗活絡油」), Doan's Ointment (「兜安氏藥膏」), Saplingtan (「十靈丹」), Shiling Oil (「十靈油」), and Col-gan Tablet (「傷風克」).  

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About Jacobson Pharma Corporation Limited (雅各臣科研製藥有限公司;Stock Code: 2633)
About Jacobson Pharma Corporation Limited (雅各臣科研製藥有限公司;Stock Code: 2633)

Jacobson Pharma is a leading generic drug company in Hong Kong. The Group's proprietary medicines, notably being Po Chai Pills (「保濟丸」), Ho Chai Kung Tji Thung San (「何濟公止痛退熱散」), Contractubex Scar Gel (「秀碧除疤膏」) , Flying Eagle Wood Lok Medicated Oil (「飛鷹活絡油」), Tong Tai Chung Woodlok Oil (「唐太宗活絡油」), Doan's Ointment (「兜安氏藥膏」), Saplingtan (「十靈丹」), Shiling Oil (「十靈油」) and Col-gan Tablet (「傷風克」) have been widely recognised by the market. The Group aims to enrich its portfolio through addition of high value-added products covering sterile injections, oncology products as well as orphan drugs and biosimilars. With its corporate headquarters based in Hong Kong, the Group has also established its operating subsidiaries in China, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore and Cambodia forming a regional commercial platform to tap the market potential in the Asia Pacific and Greater China region. Jacobson Pharma has been a constituent stock of MSCI Hong Kong Micro Cap Index since 1 June 2017. For more details about Jacobson Pharma, please visit the Group's website: http://www.jacobsonpharma.com

About Vemedia Shine Limited

Vemedia is a fast growing reputable consumer healthcare company headquartered in Diemen, the Netherlands, marketing a portfolio of leading self-medicated brands in certain European countries. Excilor, a well-recognized brand under Vemedia, primes itself as the specialist in medical foot care and enjoys a preeminent position in the over-the-counter (OTC) market for the treatment of fungal nail infection.


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05 Nov 2019

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