Easou “Discovery Platform” Unleashes the Value of Big Data for Mobile Advertisers and App Developers

SHENZHEN, CHINA - Media OutReach - Jan 12, 2015 - With the proliferation of inexpensive smart phones and 4G services in China, developers have launched exhaustive new APPS and content in order penetrate and cover the market.  To help users cope with this deluge of information, China's mobile internet leader, Easou, has launched a "Discovery Platform", which unleashes the power of big data to assist users to address their needs.  At the same time, the data-mining abilities of the Discovery Platform also benefit mobile advertisers and app developers enormously in better understanding user behaviors.

According to data from IDC (International Data Corporation), globally app downloads will increase to 182.7billion in 2015. To succeed, developers must identify and cater to the exact needs of the various markets. Advertisers must deeply understand the behaviors of mobile internet users in order to maximize returns of their advertising investments. 

The Discovery Platform is based on Easou's expertise in mobile internet that the company gained through years of experience in the area. Through sophisticated data mining software, the Discovery Platform helps developers to comprehend the evolving requirements of their customers, and provides advertisers with precise information to enable them in effectively devise and allocate their budgets.

"Discovery Platform can help developers further understand the core needs and preference of users. The developers will be able to leverage big data to optimize content and better help the marketers to arrange ad campaigns on the Apps. At the same time, digital marketers can also optimize their marketing investments. In this way, the engine creates value for both the app developers and the advertisers." said Frank Wang, CEO and founder of Easou.

According to the CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center, a government agency that tracks internet use in China), as of June 2014, there were 527 mobile Internet users, up from 500 million at the end of 2013. As all these users take advantage of faster internet connection speed, they create mountains of data. "By utilizing our Discovery Platform, our partners obtain first hand analyses of data and gain competitive advantages which allow them to stay ahead of market." said Wang.

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12 Jan 2015

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