Easou Launches “Discovery Engine” to Match End Users and Content Providers

SHENZHEN, CHINA - Media OutReach - Dec 15, 2014 - With the mobile Internet market growing bigger, it has become more difficult for the users to find, digest and consume data. In June 2014, mobile devices surpassed PCs as the most popular way by which people in China connect to the Internet. With the explosive growth of mobile content, Easou, one of China's mobile Internet leaders, has created a next-generation search engine called the "Discovery Engine" to save people from the overwhelming information in the mobile Internet world.

The Discovery Engine by Easou is designed to help users find the best, most useful and most interesting content available on mobile Internet. "Easou redefines the concept of search engine, in the context of modern mobile resources, with the focus of creating a new interactive way to make it easy to find information," said Frank Wang, CEO of Easou.

The Discovery Engine has generated huge benefits for both end users and content providers.  It helps users find the content that best fits their needs. Easou analyzes users' profiles and habits. Based on the analysis, the Discovery Engine proactively recommends content to the users, rather than passively waiting for users to search in the mobile APP.

The Discovery Engine also helps content providers understand the interests and preferences of their target users. With the data generated by Easou, content providers will be able to gain insights about the users, help them optimize their content to better cater to the tastes of the users.

In the mobile Internet era, 60% of users spend two thirds of their time on entertainment. So the value proposition of the Easou Discovery Engine is on entertainment. Users can expect their favorite entertainment content, including novels, videos, news, or even e-commerce offerings recommended by the engine. Content providers will also be able to leverage the Discovery Engine to enhance their business value in the near future.

For more information about Easou, please visit http://www.easou.com

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15 Dec 2014

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