MACAO SAR - Media OutReach - 29 April 2021 - Suncity Group has always been committed to promoting the development of the entertainment and cultural industries, and has been expanding its entertainment-related businesses through Sun Entertainment Culture, as the Group actively supports local film, television, entertainment and arts-related projects in Macao and the Mainland. Sun Entertainment Culture mainly engages in the production and distribution of films, as well as the organisation and planning of large-scale concerts. The production it had invested in, produced and distributed had won numerous significant awards and reached a new height of box office record, achieving remarkable results. Currently, Sun Entertainment Culture is working on a number of film productions and organising concerts, co-producing foreign language films and expanding its entertainment business, as the company prepares for a full recovery of the industry.


"Limbo", a Sun Entertainment Culture production, is the only Chinese film selection in "Berlinale Special" of the 71st Berlin International Film Festival

"Palm Springs", co-financed by Sun Entertainment Culture, won the "Best Comedy" at the 26th Critics' Choice Awards

Sun Entertainment Culture is actively engaged in organising large-scale concerts including "Prudential We Do Listening: Jay Chou Carnival World Tour Concert 2021 Hong Kong"

The impact brought by the pandemic has made 2020 a difficult year for the entertainment industry. Despite all the challenges, Sun Entertainment Culture carried on with its work and is actively preparing for a full recovery this year. The company has completed a number of films in the past year and scheduled for release in 2021 and 2022. These include "Dust to Dust" starring Da Peng and Lam Ka Tung, "In Love with a Monster" starring Sha Yi, Hu Ke, Heidi Lee and Li Cong, and the only Chinese film selected for the "Berlinale Special" of the 71st Berlin International Film Festival, "Limbo", directed by Soi Cheang and starring Lam Ka Tung, Cya Liu and Mason Lee. In addition, the company is actively engaging in the planning and productions of a number of films, supporting new actors and directors in their bold endeavours to bring audiences novelty with innovative themes, including the sequel to the award-winning "SPL" series – "SPL III", "Hermit Within Time" and "Pacify".


In the meantime, Sun Entertainment Culture has also invested in a number of productions, including "Flash Over" starring Du Jiang and Wang Qian Yuan, action film "The White Storm 3", as well as the inspirational Hong Kong production "Time" produced by Lam Ka Tung, as the company continues to facilitate the recovery and sustainable development of the film industry. Sun Entertainment Culture has also invested in a number of foreign language productions cross-broadly, its co-financed films include "Four Sisters", "The Sin In Me" and "The Starling", among which "Palm Springs" was awarded the "Best Comedy" at the 26th Critics' Choice Awards this year.


Besides, Sun Entertainment is currently organising numerous large-scale concerts, including "Prudential We Do Listening: Jay Chou Carnival World Tour Concert 2021 Hong Kong", a world tour that will take audiences through 20 years of Jay Chou's world of music, the final large-scale concert of Karen Mok's career, "UNIONPAY Presents Karen Mok The Ultimate Grand Slam Show" and Ella Chen's first solo tour "Ella Show". These concerts will surely bring audiences another unforgettable music extravaganza.


Suncity Group will continue to support the development and recovery of the entertainment and cultural industries, expanding its business footprint in Macao and Hong Kong and striving to deliver more high-quality productions. Through Sun Entertainment Culture, the Group will bring more outstanding films and entertainment to audiences around the world.


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