MACAO SAR - Media OutReach - 26 April 2021 - As an enterprise rooted in Macao and backed by our motherland, it is one of Suncity Group's priorities to support the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region in the diversification of the local economy and to promote Macao as the "Creative City of Gastronomy", and therefore we continually expand our food and beverage business in both Macao and the Mainland, striving to provide customers with the exquisite dining experience. This April, Sun Food and Beverage joined forces with Macao's catering industry to support Chongqing's "Luzu Temple District Renovation Project". The establishment of 2 thematic restaurants, namely "Porto" featuring Macanese cuisine and "Gu Bao Wang" with the time-honored Macao specialty bone casserole, aims to introduce Macao delicacies to the Mainland, enabling more people to marvel at the infinite charm of Macao as "Creative City of Gastronomy".


"Porto", a joint venture of Sun Food and Beverage with Macao's catering sector, features authentic Macanese cuisine


Sun Food and Beverage aims to promote Macao's culinary culture in Chongqing through "Gu Bao Wang"


Sun Food and Beverage actively expands its presence in the catering sector in the Mainland, introducing diversified culinary culture to the market

Since its establishment, Sun Food and Beverage strives to broaden the business horizon in both Macao and the Mainland through enhancing quality dining experience. Meanwhile, it attaches great importance to the preservation and promotion of Macao's local gastronomy, and is committed to the diverse development of the culinary culture in Macao and the Mainland. Through organizing investment visits to the Mainland, Sun Food and Beverage successfully created new cooperation opportunities for the catering industry in both two regions. The joint venture of Sun Food and Beverage and its Macao counterparts will be opening 3 restaurants, including "Porto" featuring Macanese cuisine and "Gu Bao Wang" with savory and nutritionally balanced hotpots, not only introducing Macao's unique flavors to the Mainland, but also supporting the Macao Government's core effort to promote Macao as "Creative City of Gastronomy". Currently "Porto" and "Gu Bao Wang" are already in the pilot phase; the creative coffee shop "3% Mixology" which features alcoholic coffee drinks, is also in the works and will be officially opened this year, marking a brand new page for Sun Food and Beverage.


Suncity Group has always endeavored to pursue excellence and expansion in the catering sector of Macao and the Mainland. Currently, Sun Food and Beverage has already opened 7 branches of its branded restaurant "Danang Vietnamese Cuisine", serving authentic Southeast Asian delicacies while the new Luzu Temple branch, opened in January, is offering a dining bar that is well loved by locals. In Macao, there are a total of 8 restaurants, including SKY 21 offering Euro-Continental & Pan-Asian cuisine, Chaozhou & Guangdong cuisine Tian Chao, Hot Pot Master which specializes in Seafood Hot Pot, as well as Sky Café, Bottles, Congee Champion and the bakery of Jam & Butter, both of them are given high praise.


To align with Macao's reputation as "Creative City of Gastronomy", Suncity Group will continue to fulfil its corporate responsibility to advocate Macao's outstanding culinary arts, and to further encourage the import of local delicacies to the Mainland and the culinary interchange between the two regions. In the future, Sun Food and Beverage will maintain progress in its food and beverage business by bringing more gastronomic diversity to the Mainland.

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