• #ALIVE, produced by the Group's indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, Zip Cinema, surpassed the 1 million ticket sales just within five days of its wide release on 24 June 2020 in Korea
  • First film to break 1 million ticket sales mark since February 2020 at the Korean box office 
  • One of the first successful theatrical movie releases in the world amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic
  • Continues to dominate Korea's box office with a market share of more than 70% as of yesterday
  • Headlined by Spackman Media Group's Yoo Ah-in and star actress Park Shin-hye


SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 29 June 2020 - Spackman Entertainment Group Limited ("Spackman Entertainment Group" or the "Company" and together with its subsidiaries, the "Group"), one of Korea's leading entertainment production groups, wishes to announce that #ALIVE, produced by the Company's indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, Zip Cinema Co., Ltd. ("Zip Cinema"), crossed the 1 million ticket sales mark since its official wide release at the Korean box office on 24 June 2020.


The theatrical release of #ALIVE in Korea is one of the first successful box office openings in the world since the spread of COVID-19 early this year, which virtually shut down the global theatrical film industry. It also sheds a ray of hope to an industry that has been crushed by the pandemic. According to Yonhap News, #ALIVE is the first film to break the 1 million ticket sales mark since February 2020 at the Korean box office[1].


Kyoungwon Na, President of Spackman Entertainment Group stated, "Though we cannot determine a film's ultimate commercial success until the end, the successful theatrical opening of #ALIVE demonstrates the careful willingness of movie-goers to venture to the theatres to view entertaining content despite the pandemic. Spackman Entertainment Group is very pleased that #ALIVE is one of the first films that are leading  the way to what we all hope will be box office normalcy in the near future."


#ALIVE, which maintained #1 at the Korean box office since its opening day, is Zip Cinema's latest project following, CRAZY ROMANCE, which was ranked as the best romantic comedy film last year in Korea.


Based on the latest statistics from the Korean Film Council, #ALIVE recorded total ticket admissions of 1,059,544 with gross box office revenue of US$7.4 million as of 28 June 2020[2]. The film, which was released on 1,869 screens, captured 70.24% of the nationwide market share of the box office revenue as of yesterday.


Starring top leading actor Yoo Ah-in of UAA & Co Inc. ("UAA"), a subsidiary of the Group's associated company Spackman Media Group Limited ("Spackman Media Group"), and superstar actress Park Shin-hye, #ALIVE is based on an original scenario by Hollywood writer Matt Taylor, who produced the American documentary series, SMALL BUSINESS REVOLUTION: MAIN STREET. Yoo Ah-in of UAA was previously the only Asian actor who was awarded one of "THE BEST ACTORS OF 2018" by The New York Times.


The film relates the story of isolated survivors of a city under lockdown that gets out of control as a consequence of a sudden spread of an unknown infection.  UAA's Yoo Ah-in of DEFAULT (2018), BURNING (2018) & VETERAN (2015) shall play the role of Joon Woon, a gamer who survived by himself and becomes disconnected from the rest of the world. Park Shin-hye of MEMORIES OF THE ALHAMBRA (2018), THE DOCTORS (2016) & THE HEIRS (2013) takes on the role of Yoo Bin, another survivor who relies on her own survival skills throughout the extremely challenging situation in the city.


The film is distributed by Lotte Entertainment and directed by Jo II Hyung, who was from the American Film Institute.


The latest daily statistics from the Korean Film Council on the performance of #ALIVE shall be updated on the Group's website at http://www.spackmanentertainment.com.


For more information on #ALIVE and its official trailer, visit the Group's website at https://spackmanentertainmentgroup.com/%23alive.


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