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SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 10 JANUARY 2018 - Metasearch within the hospitality industry has grown to become a mandatory channel in the hotel guests' booking journey. It is also an essential advertising channel for hotels outpacing even AdWords. As a result of this, FASTBOOKING realised that the hospitality industry required a tool to simplify and standardise connectivity as well as bid management on metasearch.


With this in mind, FASTBOOKING launched MetaGenius, a tool to simplify hotel's connectivity to metasearch and to improve hotel's metasearch campaign management efficiency. With MetaGenius, hoteliers can use the tool to increase their direct sales on Metasearch in a cost-effective manner.


"To manage revenue intake, hotels have to continuously experiment with different digital channels to find their perfect profitability balance. With the right tool on hand, hotels can adjust the bidding prices to optimise the big-picture results and would be able to create their presence on Metasearch and not leave OTAs to be its sole representative on this channel," expressed Pierre-Charles Grob, FASTBOOKING's Managing Director for Asia.


MetaGenius is a multi-metasearch management platform designed for hoteliers to take control of their advertising positioning, campaign efficiency and return on investment. It is a one-stop-shop connecting to worldwide metasearch channels including Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, Tripadvisor, Kayak, HotelsCombined and Opendoor. Skyscanner will soon be added to the platform. Hotels can leverage on this platform as it is compatible with any Booking Engine or CRS.


Find out more about MetaGenius with this video.

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Notes to Editors:

Members of the press are welcome to request for interviews with Managing Director, Asia of FASTBOOKING.

About FASTBOOKING MetaGenius

MetaGenius is a multi-metasearch management platform that is user-friendly and compatible with any Booking Engine or CRS. Hoteliers would be able to take control of this advertising channel to drive more direct sales. Benefits of MetaGenius includes:

  • Hotel official website prices are best positioned: In one click, hotelier can choose the metasearch position (i.e. Top 3 positions) and is also aware of the exact cost associated with each selected position.
  • Improve campaign efficiency with the Smart Bidding Assistant feature: FASTBOOKING developed a unique algorithm that enables the tool to push recommendation to improve campaign performance. Hotelier would be able to monitor the additional clicks received for the price. Making the practical decision based on ROI.
  • Pilot campaigns in an agile manner: Hotelier can decide to execute different campaigns which can be categorised by different hotel clusters/groups, metasearch, devise or market. The tool is flexible and enables hotelier to strategise accordingly.
  • Actively monitor Return on Investment: Hotelier can monitor the performance of its campaigns and take adapt/adjust the campaign accordingly (i.e. Adjust bids, markets, etc.)
  • Compare within periods: With MetaGenius platform, hoteliers would be able to compare its metasearch performance from one period to the other.



FASTBOOKING offers leading edge e-commerce solutions for hotels to boost their direct sales strategy. Our solutions based on a cutting-edge cloud platform and our proven expertise in digital marketing enable hotels to boost brand visibility and promote online sales through online and mobile channels. Our local experts offer daily support to hoteliers, in more than 90 countries, to help them leverage our solutions and retain their independence.

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