The World’s First Large Screen Mobile Entertainment Intelligent Cloud Product Recognized as a Major Revolutionary Breakthrough

Shenzhen, China--MediaOutReach--China's largest consumer electronics enterprise, TCL Corporation, released a 26-inch intelligent cloud product named the "iCE SCREEN", which creates a new form of consumer electronic products and redefines the interpretations of the intelligent cloud and digital screens in the communications industry. The iCE SCREEN is the fruition of a successful joint collaboration between TCL Corporation and China's leading integrated Internet Service Provider Tencent.

Mr. Li Dongsheng (Left), Chairman& CEO of TCL, and Mr. Ma Huateng (Right), CEO of Tencent, join hands to light up iCE SCREEN

iCE SCREEN is the first large screen mobile intelligent cloud product in the world. With four core applications -- a "large portable screen", a "high-speed video player", a "stylish music and photo album" and "high-definition video communications", the product offers consumers the ultimate 3C (Communication, Computer and Consumer electronics) experience. iCE SCREEN is an independent operating system which enables internet connectivity, thus offering users audio visual, music, photo albums, games, communications and many other major intelligent cloud applications. It is also equipped with a portable power source and features a slim design, allowing free and easy movement and storage. The iCE SCREEN has the characteristics of a high quality screen, ample cloud resources and portability, and represents a brand new type of intelligent cloud product.

iCE SCREEN is a specialty intelligent cloud product which was developed to cater to customers' latest needs. Its screen is bigger than that of handsets and tablets, offering stunning visual effects on a large screen, while providing portability that is not found in traditional TV sets. Meanwhile, it provides the same functions, including communications, social networking and Internet surfing, as found on handsets and computers. It has fashionable design and offers fast, convenient and comfortable use.

"Before the iCE SCREEN, no product in the global market could meet such a particular consumer demands. TCL was inspired to develop the iCE SCREEN is to specifically meet these demands, bringing consumers and their families a stylish and enjoyable digital lifestyle," said Li Dongsheng, Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation. "iCE SCREEN is also an important milestone for TCL to achieve its full cloud strategies. As a best demonstration of TCL's innovation capability, the iCE SCREEN is expected to open up a huge and distinct consumer market."

Early this year, as the first Chinese company taking a lead in "cloud life", TCL Corporation announced its full cloud strategies as the cloud era in China's consumer electronics industry approaches. Launching the iCE SCREEN represents another strategic deployment and innovative breakthrough in intelligent cloud products following the successful introduction of TCL-cloud TV series and mobile phone products.

TCL has worked numerous times in pushing innovation in the area of intelligent cloud products. This time, the iCE SCREEN is another good example of TCL's innovative spirit -- "The Creative Life", which proved TCL's ability to put new ideas into action and has shown the globe that they are more than capable of having a competitive edge now and in the future. According to the industry experts, TCL's innovative spirit and strategic vision will definitely inspire more Chinese companies to transition from "made-in-China" to "create-in-China" in the near future.

Despite featured as a high-quality product with massive cloud resources offerings, the iCE SCREEN comes with a very competitive price tag. At the launch event on August 22nd, media and consumers showed great interest in the iCE SCREEN. First 100 sets of iCE SCREENS were sold out online in second when the first batch of pre-sales of iCE SCREEN started at the official TCL online store at 00:00 a.m.


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