Singapore -- 20 July 2012 -- TCL Corporation has been granted the 3rd Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards at the official award ceremony held on 19 July in Singapore, cementing its position as one of the most sought-after employers in the industry and region. This prestigious award recognized TCL for its successful efforts in consistently enhancing its Human Resources policies through inculcating corporate values and serving as a social employer with an open culture that encourages contribution and attracts global talents.


TCL Wins Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards

Hosted by the Employer Branding Institute, World HRD Congress and Stars of the Industry Group, the Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards 2012 acknowledged 100 organizations across Asia that demonstrated excellence in building its brand and identity as an employer of choice visible through its Human Resource practices, polices and strategies. The final award-winning organizations were exemplary in learning and development initiatives, communicated distinctiveness in employee hiring, had excellent training and retention practices, as well as displayed continuous innovation. Already into its third year, the non-profit award had been accorded to organizations such as Coca Cola Far East Ltd., Fuji Xerox Singapore Ltd., Procter & Gamble Asia Pte. Ltd. and Microsoft Asia Pacific over the past years.


"TCL is extremely honored to be receiving the Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards 2012, which reaffirms our best practices of personnel training and management, as well as reinforces our identity as an attractive employer of choice," says Ms. Xu Fang, Vice President, Human Resources Director of TCL Corporation. "At TCL, we believe that employer branding is critical to our business success, and that our globalization strategy can be achieved only with a truly international operations and management team. Moving forward, we will continue attracting, cultivating and retaining more innovative international talents, to promote TCL Corporation as one of the most competitive enterprises in the global scene."


As a global company, TCL employs more than 60,000 people and has more than 40 sales offices around the world and was facing on managing its pool of international talents who had come from varying backgrounds and cultures. TCL has the almost lowest employee turnover rate in the industry, and the rate keeps decreasing by following their HR strategy every year. Realizing that its top priority was to resolve issues of differences in communication and working styles among its employees, TCL began to adopt a unique strategic approach towards nurturing its globalized management and operations team, by encouraging cohesiveness and instilling employees' sense of belonging to the company. Recognizing that employees are an organization's best brand ambassadors and most valuable resource, the company embarked on a sustainable strategy of talent management and development based on a "people-centered" philosophy, best characterized by its "Eagle Talent Training Scheme" implemented since 2006. Every TCL employee will accept at least 1-2 training courses each year, and it will not only help them develop their personal capabilities but will also increase their level of recognition within the enterprise.


As one of its most representative best Human Resources practices for cultivating outstanding and competent staff, TCL's "Eagle Talent Training Scheme" covers four main kinds of training: top management training focuses on developing international operation capabilities, strategic thinking, industry and business group management skills as well as the ability to lead a team; training for middle management includes managing an enterprise, decision-making abilities, as well as leadership qualities; employees who are just promoted to management level receive training for basic management skills and team collaboration skills; lastly, the company's "fresh blood" - staff who have mostly just graduated from the university - will go through professional training to help them better understand the corporate culture, develop career skills and cultivate the ability to adapt to the company and society.  


Thanks to its excellent corporate philosophy, TCL has achieved global sales of RMB 60.834 billion, with a sales volume of 10.86 million LCD TV sets and 43.61 million handsets globally. The company is now set to strive ahead with a more ambitious target of maintaining its accolade as "Asia's Best Employer."


TCL Wins Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards


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