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4th April 2016

A New Brainwave from Deliveroo

Deliveroo working with top scientists to develop telepathic food ordering*

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - Apr 4, 2016 -

  • Ordering food with the power of your mind could be on the horizon says scientists
  • Deliveroo unveils new telepathy technology set to revolutionise the app world
  • With the use of a small computer chip, hungry customers will be able to think their way to their next meal, and even have their subconscious cravings satisfied
  • TeleOrder Technology® could be available within next 5 years


Ordering food through the power of thought could be a reality within the next few years, according to top scientists. Not just that, but the dilemma of what to eat could be eradicated completely.


On 1st April 2016, Deliveroo UK announced that it has teamed up with leading neuroscientists to develop a new technology which will allow customers to use their app, using brainwaves alone. This direct brain-to-brain ordering system will significantly reduce a number of pressing First World Problems including: the nightmare of trying to scroll through a phone with gloves on; the devastation of navigating a smartphone with a cracked screen; or the abject horror of being unable to decide what you actually want to eat.


Taking 'handsfree' to the next level, this technology will allow Deliveroo customers to order food from their favourite restaurants whilst continuing uninterrupted with other pastimes such as going for a run, holding a cat, or clapping. Furthermore, the patented TeleOrder Technology® will have the ability to detect what sort of food a user is craving - even if they don't even know themselves.


Andrew Cunningham, newly appointed Global Director of Telepathic Operations and Developmental Kinesis says, "This new technology will revolutionise the way our customers can order and enjoy food from their favourite restaurants as well as allowing them benefits of unlimited handsfree capabilities. Although this technology is still in trial stages at the moment, we are hopeful we will be able to launch Deliveroo's patented TeleOrder Technology® within the next 5 years."


The science bit:

An adhesive microchip, will attach to the user's head and be remotely linked to their Deliveroo account. The chip responds to, and is activated by, 'cranial electro pulses' which detect hunger, at which point, if the user thinks of Deliveroo, their account information will also be activated. From there, it is just a case of the user thinking of a particular food, which will then be transmitted (via neuronal synaptic signalling) to the nearest Deliveroo rider, who will pick up the order and deliver it within 32 minutes.


For the more indecisive customer, once the chip is activated, it is able to detect which foods the individual most craves, and can place the order for them - a element of the system referred to as 'subconscious ordering'.


For more information please visit - TeleOrder Technology® is not and will not be in production at any time soon - Happy April Fool's Day!


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Notes to editors:

*This is an April Fool's Story


About Deliveroo

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