LAS VEGAS - Media OutReach - 10 January 2012 -- Imagine being waken up by your TV, not your alarm; tuning into news broadcasting service by talking to your TV instead of using a remote control; when walking out of home, being reminded to take an umbrella by your TV who follows weather forecast on a real-time basis and after a day of family outing, transferring videos of the nice moments home without rushing back...


Yes, all these are real. This is the "Cloud Life" that TCL Corporation, a global leader in the consumer electronics industry from China, is trying to bring to families all over the world: with cloud computing technology, turn TV into the control hub of all home appliances through various wireless connections and enable people to acquire and exchange information anytime and anywhere.


"The era of cloud-computing has come," said Li Dongsheng, Chairman and CEO of TCL Corporation, "Once we put all the hardware, operating system and software in the Cloud, equipment on the user's end can be as simple as a TV set. We can empower a TV with a computer's capabilities."


As the first Chinese company taking a lead in "cloud life", TCL presented its most innovative TCL-cloud TV series based on cloud computing at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). TCL also showcased its first mobile phone offering cloud computing technology and a full range of smart phones to give customers a simple, different and smart experience.


TCL-cloud TV series, first launched in China in 2011, finally greeted their global customers at this year's CES. Embedded with the most sophisticated cloud computing and storage technologies and TV-adapted Android system, the TCL-cloud TV series' hardware is up to the standard of dual-core CPU. TCL-cloud TV series bring unprecedentedly multiple cloud functions to users, cloud recognition, cloud control, cloud sharing, cloud socializing, cloud office, to name a few. Internet interactivity such as chatting, tweeting, as well as checking emails and searching online information now can be easily done via TV.


Due to the innovativeness, TCL-Cloud TV series won the only individual award on cloud TV. The brand TCL was also awarded one of China's Top 50 Consumer Electronics Brands hosted by the International Data Group (IDG).


As a pioneer of innovation at the global market, TCL has put in great efforts to strengthen its innovative ability. In early 2011, TCL built a R&D center in the Silicon Valley and United States. It also has a talent training program with Boston-based Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In November 2011, TCL signed a cooperation memo with SRI (Stanford Research Institute) International, an independent research institute bounded with more than 2,100 scientists in the United States. With the cooperation, TCL will conduct joint research with SRI on smart TV user experience and communication technologies to bring all the families a renewable and valuable "cloud life".


"Cloud computing marks a new IT revolution in human history," Li Dongsheng said, "TCL is determined to fully utilize this technology to bring the most advanced smart digital home solutions to families in China and all over the world."




Caption: TCL introduces cloud life at CES 2012



Caption: TCL showcases smart TV at CES 2012



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