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Clients Testimonial
How Hwee Yin, Consultant, PR Communications Singapore

“Their comprehensive and continuously updated database of media and journalists is the main reason they stand out from the numerous news distribution services out there”

Jasmine Yap, Executive Director, Citigate Dewe Rogerson

“They have a solid media database, and as a result, the post coverage report is usually comprehensive. Media OutReach’s media monitoring service is customizable, with a user-friendly portal that helps us track, manage and generate reports easily. Overall, we are pleased with the services provided and recommend it.”

Florence Fang, Managing Director, Flame Communications

“The team is professional, and always try to go the extra mile to help. Plus their comprehensive media database gives us an extra boost, on top on the PR services that we provide to our clients. That’s a win-win partnership.”

Sharon Vu, formerly Marcoms Manager Far East Hospitality (now Marketing Manager with Kitchen Language)

“Their service provides us with a macro view of our trackings, and their real-time analysis service provides a convenient, all-in-one approach to our PR value received. With these findings, my team is able to generate detailed reports for all our properties, thereby streamlining our work that covers 8 countries in Asia Pacific.”

Louisa Wong, Senior Director Investor Relations, Xiao Nan Guo Holdings Limited

“Media OutReach has a very efficient media system that enables journalists to send through interview requests or questions, enabling a direct two-way communication, not seen in other newswire services.”

Ines Chin, Senior PR & Corporate Relations Manager, Asia Pacific, British Telecom(BT)

“I have used Media OutReach’s news monitoring services for years. The thing I like best about their portal is the coverage reports it generates.”

Latest Press Release - Finance

Citi Runs 5th Edition of e for Education campaign
Sep 13, 2017 11:30 HKT

LONDON, HONG KONG, SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - September 13, 2017 - Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C)   Citi has launched its annual e for Education campaign, a global initiative which has raised over $16 million for education-focused non-profits since the inception of the campaign in 2013....

花旗香港聯同全球逾500個城市數以萬計的花旗集團義工 慶祝第十二屆「全球義工日」
Jun 11, 2017 15:30 HKT


香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2017年6月11日 - 花旗集團(紐約證券交易所買賣股份代號: C ) 花旗集團第十二屆「全球義工日」於昨日(6月10日)順利舉行,超過3,000名花旗香港義工聯同全球91個國家及地區内超過500個城市的100,000名員工以及親友一同參與社區服務。今年,全球花旗集團的義工共參與超過1,500項活動,當中包括社區重建丶教育丶職涯規劃丶環境保育及賑災等。...

Citi Celebrates 12th Annual Global Community Day in Hong Kong Together With Tens of Thousands of Citi Volunteers Across 500 Cities Around the World
Jun 11, 2017 15:30 HKT

Annual Event Contributes More than Three Million Hours of Service Since Launch

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - June 11, 2017 - Citigroup Inc. (NYSE: C) Citi celebrated its 12th annual Global Community Day yesterday (June 10), with over 3,000 Citi Hong Kong volunteers joining the efforts of nearly 100,000 of their colleagues, family and friends in 500 cities in 91...

Adyen And Team Up For Global Payments Partnership
Oct 27, 2016 09:00 HKT’s users to benefit from seamless payments experience

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - Oct 27, 2016 - Adyen, the payments company powering global commerce, today announced it has been working with across China, Europe, India and North America. As the global freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace leader, this partnership provides...

Atradius Payment Practise Barometer Assesses Protection of Cash Flow at Top of Businesses’ Agenda
Oct 24, 2016 11:30 HKT

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 24 Oct, 2016 - Around 40% of the suppliers surveyed in the Asia Pacific region anticipate increasing the use of credit management tools to protect cash flow from B2B customers' late payments over the next year. Nearly half of the suppliers surveyed in the...

Laporan Resmi ACCA Mengungkapkan bahwa Akses terhadap Pelatihan, Solusi Sederhana dan Layanan Analisis Data yang Dirancang Khusus adalah Kunci untuk Menciptakan Bisnis yang Lebih Terdorong Data
Oct 17, 2016 19:30 HKT

SINGAPURA - Media OutReach - 17 Okt 2016 - Laporan berjudul 'Data Analytics to Bridge Knowledge Gaps: An ACCA  White Paper on Supply and Demand for Big Data Analytics in Asia Pacific' (Analisis Data untuk Menjembatani Kesenjangan Pengetahuan: Laporan Resmi ACCA tentang Persediaan dan...

SBMA, LBMA and IBA Launch Feasibility Study On “Singapore LBMA Pre-AM Gold Price”
Oct 17, 2016 11:00 HKT

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - Oct 17, 2016 - The Singapore Bullion Market Association (SBMA) today announced the launch of a joint feasibility study between the SBMA, LBMA and ICE Benchmark Administration (IBA).  The study will focus on customers' needs for a LBMA Pre-AM Gold Price at 14:00...

新元医疗基金投资Enable Injections Inc.
Oct 05, 2016 19:30 HKT

香港,中国 - Media OutReach - 2016年10月5日 - 新元医疗基金(新元基金)宣布对Enable Injections, Inc. (以下简称"公司"或"Enable")进行3000万美金的A轮投资。Enable...

Sep 09, 2016 12:00 HKT

香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2016年9月9日 - 承接本周初二十國集團領導人峰會的動力,國際資本市場協會 (「ICMA」) 和大公國際信用評級集團 (「大公」) 今日於香港聯合舉辦了具有開創意義的「一帶一路峰會 ---- 投融資與絲路債券」 (「峰會」)...

Silk Road Bond Bridging the Financing Needs of Belt and Road Countries
Sep 09, 2016 12:00 HKT

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - 9 Sep, 2016 - Continuing the dynamic of the G20 Leadership Summit early this week, International Capital Market Association ("ICMA") and Dagong Global Credit Rating ("Dagong") co-organized a groundbreaking Summit, "Belt and Road Summit -- Financing Through Silk...

Sep 07, 2016 12:00 HKT

香港,中国 - Media OutReach - 2016年9月7日 - 综合性、多元化的金融投资控股公司新悉亚洲外汇有限公司("新悉亚洲"或"公司")欣然宣布,近一个季度以来,新悉亚洲大幅度拓展中国区二线城市业务范围,在国内多个城市设置据点。  ...

Aug 08, 2016 18:30 HKT


香港,中國 - Media OutReach -  2016年8月8日 - 综合性、多元化的金融投资控股公司新悉亚洲外汇有限公司("新悉亚洲"或"公司")欣然宣布,新悉亚洲获多位投资者入股,经多位投资者多轮磋商出价,最终定价由每股公司股份0.1美元升至每股0.16美元。  ...

蘇黎世獲頒香港管理專業協會優質管理獎優異獎 傑出管理獲嘉許
Aug 03, 2016 17:00 HKT

香港,中國  -  Media OutReach  -  2016年8月3日 - 蘇黎世以卓越的管理表現從芸芸不同行業的精英中脫穎而出,榮獲由香港管理專業協會頒發的優質管理獎優異獎。該獎項的競爭非常激烈,需經過重重的遴選關卡,由香港不同行業的領導者按嚴謹的評選準則選出得獎企業,得獎企業必須在領導方針、營運策略、客戶服務、知識管理、員工發展、業務運作方面有傑出表現。這個獎項對於蘇黎世來說是一個非常大的鼓勵,因為它認可了蘇黎世在各項管理方面所作出的努力。 出色的領導方針及開放的企業文化激發員工潛能...

Zurich Wins HKMA Quality Awards Certificate of Merit
Aug 03, 2016 17:00 HKT

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - Aug 3, 2016 - Zurich Insurance (Hong Kong) is honored with the highly-competitive HKMA Quality Awards Certificate of Merit. Having gone through a stringent application and screening process and assessed by leaders of different industries in Hong Kong, Zurich...

香港大都會人壽上半年業績表現超卓 錄得三位數增長 成為本港增長最快的人壽保險公司之一
Jul 12, 2016 18:00 HKT

香港,中國 - Media OutReach - 2016 年 7 月 12 日 - 美國最大人壽保險公司* MetLife, Inc.的全資附屬公司香港大都會人壽^於2016年上半年的業績錄得快速增長,並跨越了多個里程碑。出色的表現包括於首季錄得116%的按年業務增長#,成為保險市場增長率最高的人壽保險公司之一#。此外,公司更錄得150%的按年保險代理團隊增長**及超過48倍的按年保險經紀業務增長#。香港大都會人壽並積極擴展電話營銷網絡,早前與新業務夥伴建立長期合作關係。  ...

CoAssets Successfully Organised Third EPIC Event in Singapore, Announcing Plans to Stage Inaugural EPIC in Fuzhou, China
Jul 11, 2016 16:00 HKT

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 11 JULY 2016 - Homegrown crowdfunding company CoAssets Ltd ("CoAssets" or the "Company") (NSX Code: CAX) successfully organised its third annual instalment of the EPIC (Expo for Property, Investing and Crowdfunding) event in Singapore, on 8 July 2016 at the Marriott...

Jul 11, 2016 15:30 HKT

Finquest是一個促進亞洲區中型企業跨境直接投資的全球增長最快的平台,為機構投資者、具信譽的併購顧問及亞洲中型市場企業提供橋樑。首個由專有數據庫、智能預測系統及行業專業知識組成的平台,為客戶提供高質素、具策劃的介紹。 香港,中國 / 新加坡 - Media OutReach - 2016年7月11日 -...

Finquest Connects the Global Investment Community, M&A Advisors, and Asian Mid-Market Companies
Jul 11, 2016 15:30 HKT

Finquest, the fastest growing global platform to foster cross-border mid-market direct investments in Asia, announced that it has found the solution to build bridges between institutional investors, M&A Advisors, and Asian mid-market Companies.Its first-of-its kind platform combines the use...

MetLife Hong Kong Surges Ahead with Strong First-half Performance
Jul 08, 2016 17:30 HKT

Triple-digit growth makes MetLife one of the fastest growing life insurers in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - July 8, 2016 - MetLife Hong Kong^, a wholly-owned subsidiary of MetLife, Inc., the #1 U.S. life insurer*, recorded rapid growth and broad strength in its business results. The first half of the year witnessed many milestones for MetLife Hong Kong. Notable...

Atradius Insights 2.0: Setting New Standards in Credit Management
Jul 04, 2016 10:00 HKT

Customer Feedback Fine Tunes Business Intelligence Software

HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - Jul 4, 2016 - Atradius Credit Insurance recently announced the eagerly awaited launch of Atradius Insights 2.0, the latest version of the company's prestigious business intelligence tool. Customers and brokers alike will be particularly interested in this...

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