Media Analysis

Incisive Real Time Media Intelligence

At Media OutReach, our media analysis service provides both qualitative and real-time quantitative intelligence, allowing you to access communication and business insights – affordably and conveniently.

The ability to download 24/7 real-time qualitative and quantitative intelligence from our news dashboard makes it uniquely powerful. What's more, Media OutReach's media analysis portal lets you filter the news in a variety of ways. For example, you can glean strategic insights to benchmark overall performance of multi-country or specific business units or evaluate how well your communications programs are working within each country, or measure public relations campaign budget spend versus results.

Media OutReach's media analysis dashboard allows you to run the data based on your reporting period and scope to generate media intelligence that you can easily output into charts.




Powerful qualitative analysis tools

Media OutReach provides qualitative analysis tools that enable our clients to do their own analysis. The analysis tools are easy to use and can be customized to meet our client's reporting requirements. You can easily run the data and generate charts that are downloadable for reporting.

This versatile intelligence gathering portal delivers reliable media insights with which to evaluate the effectiveness of your communications campaign.





24/7 Reporting

Now you no longer have to wait for your monthly or quarterly media report. Instead, Media OutReach's media analysis service enables you to easily download reports based on any reporting criteria, as and when you need them 24/7.





Flexible Analysis Parameters

As your business needs evolve, the scope of analysis scope you require may also change. At Media OutReach, we can easily and quickly revise the scope of media analysis – so that you can have the required report within hours on the same day!