HONG KONG, CHINA - Media OutReach - Apr 27, 2016 - Several hundred international business leaders and HR professionals will gather at this year's inaugural HR Summit & Expo HK, to be held from 12 to 13 May at the HKCEC. The pre-eminent HRM conference and trade event in North Asia will provide industry peers with the guidance to stay ahead of the curve and maintain competitiveness in a fast-changing business world.


The Future of Work Will Undergo Major Changes


Workplaces of the future are likely be very different, requiring a differently skilled workforce. This means that employers will need to undergo big changes in terms of business management and HRM practices, according to findings in a recent report published by PwC. Business leaders will not only focus on generating capital for the company, but also driving strategies to retain talent and engage employees amid fierce market competition. One of the most important issues that business leaders will need to address is increased expectations from their employees regarding the benefits, health and wellness programmes, and the organisation's social responsibility and moral conscience.


The HR Summit & Expo HK will feature top business leaders and experts who will illustrate the principles of future leadership. Rob Lilwall, adventurer, author and motivational speaker, will address the issue of change management and is set to challenge business leaders on how they should adapt to changes in a complex business environment. "When we face changes and obstacles at work, we should try to figure out the answers to the questions," Rob says. "We need to have a positive mind, take good care of ourselves and focus on the goals, which are always the motivation for us to move on. And, when necessary, we should seek help from the people around us."


Charles Caldwell, HR director of the English Schools Foundation, will take us on a fascinating journey into the world of neuroscience and explain what it tells us about leadership. Charles promises, "What neuroscience is telling us about leadership will blow your mind -- and it has massive implications for all leadership practitioners. You will not look at the world the same again after this session on NeuroLeadership."


The Changing Role of HR


With Generation Y and Z making up a larger (and continuingly more senior) slice of the labour market, new HR practices are required to address the values of the new generations. They expect clear career paths, good social responsibility, suitable training and promotion opportunities from their employers. They also need to experience a sense of belonging and tend to pay more attention to work-life balance. Therefore, future HR departments should no longer be passive and service-oriented, but proactive in coming up with effective people strategies that facilitate the company's business growth.


Tom Mehrmann, Chief Executive of Ocean Park and the plenary speaker of this year's HR Summit & Expo HK, will share with delegates the theme park's successful experience in acquiring and retaining young talent, especially during the competitive time when Disneyland Hong Kong opened in 2005.


One point Tom aims to emphasise is that, as new hires were not sure what Ocean Park could do for them, HR needed to communicate and deliver an employment value proposition -- helping them realise that they actually had a lot of opportunities and that Ocean Park would help them grow. Also, since young people do not just concern themselves with money but also corporate image, employers need to contribute to the community and be responsible to society.


Apart from Rob Lilwall, Charles Caldwell, and Tom Mehrmann, other leading inspirational speakers will also share their insights into 21st-century business leadership and people management.


As one of the largest employers in Hong Kong and regarded as one of the best, Cathay Pacific Airways is always in the spotlight in terms of human resources management. Tom Owen, Director People, Cathay Pacific Airways, will explain how significant employer branding is in talent acquisition and retention, and how the airline aligns the company brand internally and externally.


Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited (HKBN) is the leading provider of residential fibre services in the city. While it is expected that the growth of business complexity would lead to the expansion of the company rulebook, HKBN has gone against the grain by introducing its Co-Ownership Plan to enhance employee engagement while avoiding excessive rules limiting flexibility. NiQ Lai, Head of Talent Engagement, CFO and Co-Owner, Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited, will illustrate how the company launched the plan for its supervisor-and-above talent base.


In addition, many more business leaders and HR professionals will take part in a "Big Debate" every day to discuss how HR helps enhance business performance and HR's value to a company. The ideal position of HR will also be illustrated in terms of fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between executive leadership and strategic human resources.


Technology Matters in Future HRM


Innovation will further change how people collaborate and communicate in the future. Despite high talent mobility making talent acquisition and retention harder, new technologies and data analysis will allow HR to source suitable talent, and assess their performance and engagement levels for effective HRM planning.


To cope with these trends and more, leaders from the HRM technology field will join the HR Summit & Expo HK this year to share their success stories. For one, Eric Yee, Head of North Asia (Talent Solutions), LinkedIn, will discuss the role of technology in shaping the future of work, especially regarding the competitive recruitment of top talent. He will also explore the future uses of data and how big data can be used to create economic opportunities for the global workforce.

HR Summit & Expo HK 2016


HR Summit & Expo HK 2016 will have 25 business leaders and HR professionals providing actionable strategies for establishing a sustainable workplace and enhancing business performance. Through keynote presentations, small group discussions, workshops, case studies and debates, a wide range of important topics will be covered in the two-day event, including: leadership, change management, HR investment, talent acquisition, retention and management, training and development, employee engagement, corporate culture and social responsibility, workplace inclusion, performance assessment and enhancement, and much more.


HR Summit & Expo HK 2016 takes place from 12 to 13 May in Hall 1A of the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). Conference tickets are now available at a variety of price options. For bookings, the full speaker list and the conference agenda, please visit: http://www.hrsummit.com.hk





About HR Summit & Expo HK

HR Summit & Expo HK is organised by Diversified Communications with strategic partner HRM Asia. It is designed to bring together C-suite business executives, chief HR directors and other HR professionals from a broad spectrum of industries for the two-day conference and exhibition. At the summit, delegates can discuss challenges and best practices not only within the field of HR, but also with regards to overall company strategy, culture and direction, and how it will play a pivotal role in their future business. While on the expo floor, they will be able to speak to solutions providers and find services that fulfil the needs of their organisation to realise the potential of their people.


About Diversified Communications

Diversified Communications is a fast-growing international communications company headquartered in the United States. With 16 offices across 7 countries and 9 divisions, the company spans businesses across broadcasting, digital products, software, publishing and the production of market-leading events, with a product portfolio serving 16 industries in 14 countries and counting. In Hong Kong, Diversified Communications organises a growing portfolio of trade exhibitions and conferences, including Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong, Seafood Expo Asia, Natural & Organic Products Asia, Retail Asia Expo, Omni-Channel Retailing Conference, HR Summit & Expo HK, Learning & Teaching Expo, and Asia-Pacific International Conference. All the events embrace an established relationship with key suppliers and buyers in different industries.


About HRM Asia

HRM Asia is a private limited company registered in Singapore since 2002. They specialise in dedicated HR magazines and world-class events, providing an array of thought-leading HR discussion and information to HR professionals in Singapore and across Asia. Since their inception, HRM Asia has played an important part in connecting HR professionals across all sectors. HRM Asia concentrates on the issues and challenges facing the HR industry, with in-depth features and analysis of what really matters to HR professionals.


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