Media OutReach is a global newswire with expertise in press release distribution across Asia Pacific. It is the only newswire that owns its own distribution network across 22 countries in the region.

Media OutReach distributes multimedia, multilingual press releases directly to targeted journalists, with the aim of optimising news write-ups, building online visibility for your company’s news releases, enhancing sharing on social media and providing insightful reporting to benchmark performance.

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  • In Asia Pacific, Media OutReach provides the best service. They get a very high hit rate and I get a lot of feedback from the media for follow-up interviews and pick-ups on our press releases, which is why I am very happy working with them.

    Client The Chinese University of Hong Kong Business School

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  • The only newswire that constantly improves their deliverables. As a company, they are the only newswire that constantly works on improving their deliverables in the form of media lists and reporting.

    Agency Creative Consulting Group

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Insightful post-release reports for PR professionals

At Media OutReach, we know how important accurate reporting and easily downloadable reports are for enhancing your work efficiency. Media OutReach provides two post-release reports that cover write-ups by journalists and verbatim online news postings with metadata to assess KPIs and measures return on investment. Our reports go even further. At Media OutReach, we have pioneered the reporting of Media and Journalist Insights. This tells you how journalists have interacted with your company’s press release, from initial opening to crafting a story.

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460+ Online Media Partners across 22 countries

100,000+ Journalists who benefit from our distribution

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Media OutReach owns its own database of media and journalists across Asia Pacific. The database has more than 100,000 journalists from newspapers, magazines, trade publications, online media, terminals and broadcast media including bloggers. Every journalist’s interests are categorised by news beat. This way, Media OutReach can deliver your company’s releases to targeted journalists, which optimises news write-ups and builds media relations. Our media database was created and is updated by a team of in-country media researchers who can leverage local expertise to build up in-depth news.

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